Anyone remember Weber's? It was an old burger joint on Route 73 in Jersey as you're heading to the shore? Well it's old and rundown now. It shut down years and years ago, but was always a household favorite to anyone who lived in Stratford, Camden County.

Well one day, a man named Darren DeSumma randomly had the idea to reopen the old Weber's and "breathe new life into it! " And that's exactly what he plans to do. DeSumma has a vision to bring back all the old favorites that everyone loved when it first opened, including the burgers the fries, the famous root beer , onion rings and more. 

“I always wanted to be in the food business,” DeSumma said. “It’s something I’ve thought about since my early 20s. I always liked the uniqueness and character of it.

DeSumma plans to completely remodel the restaurant giving it a new fresh look. However, he promises to keep some of the original features and stay true "to the carport roof and retro look."

The new Weber's Grill will open this summer!

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