I know you've been waiting for this, so get your elastic waist pants ready! I saw on Delish that Olive Garden just announced they're doing their Never Ending Pasta Passes again this year. This is the 3rd year they've done it. If you don't know what this is, it's a pass you buy for $100, and then you can stuff your face with as much pasta, breadsticks, soup and salad at Olive Garden for 8 weeks! Get ready because there's something new for this year...a new pass, and this one lasts for a year. For $300, you can eat at Olive Garden as much as you want from September 24th of this year through September 22nd of next year. Same deal as the other pass, it's good for pasta, breadsticks, soup and salad. You do have to pay for drinks...no big deal. Here's the thing though...There are only 23,000 8-week passes and only 1,000 year passes going on sale TOMORROW afternoon (Thursday) at 2pm, so you better get on it. I hear they sell out fast!

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