I love reading about local people making it big, and I think this is huge. One of the coaches from the Super Bowl last night has local roots, according to Levittown Now.

Keith Armstrong, from Levittown, PA, is the special teams coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Awesome. I bet he's happy today, now that his team just won the big game, 31-9.

Mr. Armstrong, now married with two daughters, graduated from Conwell Egan Catholic High School in Bristol Township in 1982, then, Temple University. He played football at both schools. Interesting fact...the head coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is Bruce Arians, who was Armstrong’s coach at Temple University.

Armstrong has worked for several college teams including Temple, Oklahoma State, Notre Dame, and more.

Before working with the Buccaneers, he worked with the Atlanta Falcons as a safeties coach, and then moved to secondary coach. Armstrong then went to the Chicago Bears for three years, the Miami Dolphins for six years, went back to the Falcons for ten years, then landed with the Buccaneers in 2019.

The article states there was a possibility he would become the Philadelphia Eagles head coach, when he met with the organization back in 2012. Interesting. That would have been cool for him to be back home, close to home. Years ago, he was also being considered for the head coaching job of the Kansas City Chiefs.

I was looking for him on the sidelines, as I watched the game last night, but, couldn't pick him out...I tried. Congratulations Mr. Armstrong. Are you going to Disney World?


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