The Circle is a reality show that aired in the UK last fall.  The concept is that a group of strangers/contestants all live in the same building, but in separate apartments,.  The contestants do not interact in person.  Instead, they interact using a voice-activated social media platform called The Circle.

The goal of the show is to become the most popular person in The Circle.  Producers say that since contestants "only know each other through their online dialogue and profiles, players can choose whether to present a true or fictional version of themselves."

In the UK, the show, which has been compared to Big Brother, awarded the winner 100,000 pounds (or about $150,000).  Producers also say that the game explores "questions of honesty and trust when people can’t see each other in the flesh."

After a successful first season in the UK, The Circle is now coming to America via Netflix.  Producers are looking for contestants online and at casting calls in 3 cities, including one in Philadelphia.

Contestants must be 18 or older by Aug. 1, 2019 and they must not have anything that could restrict their ability to travel to the UK.  Other terms and conditions can be found here.

The application site, which calls the show "the ultimate popularity contest," says that the game "will suit confident people who are prepared to be put to the test."  It goes on to say that people who "have strong opinions and...a clear strategy to win" should apply.  For more info and to submit an application, click here.

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