Calling all Pizza Lovers!!!!

Is your favorite part of the pizza the crust? If it is, then this post is just for you. Joe’s Rotisseria will be opening in Asbury Park, and its getting a little cheesier.

Special thanks to for making us more hungry and ruining our diets.

Joe’s Rotisseria serves pizza and rotisserie chicken. But, they don’t just serve normal pizza pies. They serve pies with the crust made of garlic knots, chicken parm sliders, and pasta, as well as other ridiculous combos.

There most popular pizza is a triple threat pie. The pie is half meat, half a cheese filled calzone, and half a pizza with a choice of your toppings. The whole pie is covered in garlic knots.

So, if you are a pizza lover and up for the challenge of taking on a crazy pizza, this place is for you.

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