Should people in their 20's be so focused on being a property owner? Over 70% of people in their 20's are making it a priority to own a home. Not a bad goal but realistically it can be tough to actually accomplish that. Many people around this age struggle with  student loans or maybe have a high rent payment that prevents them from saving as much as they’d like.

Most homebuyers are between 18 and 34 which is actually a lot earlier than older generations. Many millennials are trying to buy expensive homes which is helping many other property owners that rent out their properties. Young future home owners would rather rent longer to make sure they get a much nicer home.

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Even though many millennials are bringing realtors tons of money, for some it's not so easy because many that are renting are pretty much paying mortgage prices. Some realtors have mentioned that even though it may be good in the long run to put down 20% for a home, it's not always the best thing. They may be given a lot of misinformation.

Don't be scare of any financial crisis you may think you’re in, go out and make your dreams come true!

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