You know the new Pennsylvania #NoPlasticsPact ... well if you're not familiar with it, PA is hopping on broad with the 'joint effort to remove plastic straw waste from nearby waterways.'

This local rum company, Single Prop, which is based out of Bucks County and sold only in Pennsylvania is next to help the cause.

Their plan is push 'biodegradable paper straws, reusable metal straws or no straw at all,' according to

You can sign up online and pledge for their #NoPlasicsPact and they will send a custom pack of biodegradable paper straws in the mail.

After 1,000 people sign-up the company will donate funds to the Lonely Whale organization to remove trash from local waters. “There will be no cap on how long this program will run for and we are optimistic that we can hit our 1,000-signature target quickly,” said the Single Prop Rum rep. “For bars and restaurants who take our pact and pledge to make the switch from plastic to paper straws, Single Prop will provide them with their initial supply of paper straws complimentary, as well as an eco-friendly straw caddy to store them in. When the bar/restaurant runs out of this supply, we are providing them with the option to purchase additional paper straws through us at wholesale pricing, making the paper straws equally as inexpensive as plastic ones.”

Love it!


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