There are some things that you see on Facebook and you just scroll on by, but then there are other things that you must stop and stare at. I came across a post like that today on PJ's Pancake House's Facebook Page.

It was not an offensive post, and it wasn't something super shocking. It was simply a picture that they posted that made me say, "Wow,  these guys are onto something."

Here's the post that caught my eye.



I'll never forget when I moved to Mercer County and people raved about PJ's Pancake House. My husband and I tried it and it really is everything people said it was. I'm more of a waffle girl, but I had to try their pancakes and they were just as expected. Delicious.

PJ's Pancake House has been around for many years and now have five locations in Mercer County. Although they are all named PJ's Pancake House, some of their locations are a little different.

PJ's Pancake House in Princeton, West Windsor and Kingston, which are pretty much breakfast and lunch. Now the locations in Ewing and Robbinsville are very different because those are taverns. They have more appetizers, salads, burgers, even mac and cheese. They also sell alcohol by the bottle and they sell alcohol to drink with your meal as well.

I am a boozy brunch person myself, so this is right up my alley. Pancakes and booze at breakfast and then I can get a bottle for later? That's a win win if I've ever heard one.

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