The Panera Cafe on Lion Road in Campus Town at the The College of New Jersey will stay open all night, for the first time ever, next Tuesday, May 14th, so TCNJ students can study for their finals, which start that week.  #PaneraAllNighter.

Boy, this sure beats trying to find a spot at the library.  According to a Panera spokeperson, Panera's going all out. Listen to this, they'll have free drinks and snacks. Coffee, iced tea, and fountain drinks will all be on the house, and so will samples of baked goods. Coloring stations will be set up so students can take a break from studying and destress. Don't worry if you forget your charger, charging stations will be set up, and there will be study kits available that include pencils, highlighters, notebooks, and even a stress ball. Wow. So cool. The stress ball is shaped like a Panera baguette by the way...fabulous.

Panera's doing this at a few other of their college locations across the country...Baylor University in Waco, Texas, TCU in Fort Worth, Texas, and George Washington University in DC.

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