Nothing is worse than having your identity stolen. We do so many things online these days and there are hackers out there that spend every day just stealing people's credit card information and social security numbers. That's what they wake up and do every day and feel no remorse for it. If you still get bills delivered to your house with important information inside as well as your address, you could still be at risk for identity theft, so it's important to shred anything with your full name and address on it.

According to The Patch, a paper shredding event is happening at Pennsbury High School West in Bucks County, Pennsylvania on October 5th, from 10am- 1pm. State Senator Santarsier is organizing the event and Habitat ReStore will also be there to collect items.

To see the full list of items you can bring to Pennsbury High School West to be shredded on Saturday, October 5th, click here.

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