The Philadelphia Parking Authority will be installing solar-powered kiosks that will change how you reserve parking spots. According to, instead of using the traditional coin-operated meters or kiosks that are already in place, these kiosks will use your license plate to save a spot. It seems like having to keep a stash of coins may become a thing again because Philly Mag mentioned that you'll have to use your credit/debit card or coins for the new machines.

What kind of stinks about this new system is that you no longer can be a good samaritan by handing over the receipt if you still have time left because those receipts will not exist. Instead, PPA will be only checking license plates. The officers enforcing these new parking machines will be able to verify your payment electronically, according to says that thousands of meters will be replaced by these newer ones, but in the meantime, we can still use the current kiosks and old coin meters. One last FYI, you can also still use the MeterUp app.

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