So we all know that Jersey is all about their bagels. There’s always a big debate about who has the best bagels, Long Island or New Jersey. Obviously we know Jersey has the best of the best hands down.

According to, Einstein Bagels have created something out of the ordinary. If you don’t know what Einstein Bagel is, it is another bagel company that is around the country. This new menu item they have is called the party bagel, but there’s a catch. This new ‘bagel’ is not a bagel at all! The new creation is pretty much a donut with some fun toppings.

The first thing they do is cut the donut down the middle, just like a bagel and then the fun begins. There are different ingredients you can add to the middle of your party bagel like frosting and sprinkles. I was reading the menu and it seems like I would like the churro party bagel the most! It’s a donut cut down the middle with a cream cheese frosting filling and cinnamon sugar all over the donut.

Now let's get to the real debate. Would you actually consider this a bagel? I for one will never be eating this in the morning. I even think this is a little bizarre and way too sweet as a pick me up, but who am I to judge! However, I think I might try it just because! The closest Einstein bagel near PST is in Langhorne, PA. When I do finally try this crazy treat I promise I will let everyone know what it is and if it’s even fair to call it a ‘bagel.’

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