Have you been thinking about leaving New Jersey?  That delicious boardwalk pizza you're craving is saying: "think again."

You may be tempted to move out of New Jersey during this cold weather we've been having.  But is the grass really greener?  (Okay, in this cold weather, it probably is greener in other spots, but you get my point).

I spend a lot of time on the West Coast for projects I'm involved in, and while the weather is awesome, I won't lie, the area itself is lacking a lot of great things that New Jersey has.  Every time I have to leave, I get sad knowing I'm going to miss these Jersey essentials.

Diana Tyler
Diana Tyler

Just try and find a bagel like this anywhere outside the tri-state area.  Spoiler alert: you won't!

Sometimes we truly forget just how lucky we are to live where we do.  We have authentic, delicious Italian food, we experience all seasons (even if some can be a pain in the butt), and the people are top-notch.

While most of the items are obvious things you can't find outside New Jersey, I'll bet you'll be surprised by some essentials on this list!  I'll give you one spoiler alert, though, you won't catch me missing snow.

So the next time you're tempted to leave The Garden State, give it another thought.  It's human to be bothered by things like the weather, or even taxes.  But is a life without that really worth giving up life with these amazing New Jersey essentials?

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