You know when your eye only catches part of a headline and you think you know what the story is about and you really don't? I thought so.

Well, that just happened to me. I saw the Philadelphia Magazine headline that read in part, "Pat's Steaks will soon be replaced...," and I started to panic.

Pat's Steaks is legendary. It's a part of Philadelphia. People from all over visit to take the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Challenge...Pat's or Geno's...which one is better? Pat's, of course.


But, don't worry, it's not being replaced, well, it sort of is.

Here's the deal. The article says Pat's Steaks will be undergoing major renovations in the next few months, starting in December. Therefore, the original shop will be forced to shut down.

Stay with me. There's no need to panic. Frank Oliveri, the owner of Pat's, knows he can't just close down for months. What would we do? We all need our cheesesteaks, right?

The renovations will be going on for months, probably until at least the end of February, leaving the shop unusable. In order to keep cooking those famous cheesesteaks, there will be a 22-foot Pat's Steaks food truck parked right in front of the shop, as it gets renovated. It's cost a whooping $250,000. Wow.

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This way the shop doesn't miss a beat. The food truck will be the only way to get a cheesesteak until the renovations are complete.

Oliveri says in the article, "The truck is essentially an exact replica of the shop."

So, what happens to the truck after the renovations are complete? It will become a Pat's Steaks Catering truck. It will travel to weddings, parties, and other events.

I love this idea...brilliant. Can't wait to see the shop after the renovations.

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