So many people from the Pennington and Ewing area were upset when they found out that the Pennington Ewing Athletic Club, also known as PEAC, was shutting down. That news was released in a statement back in November of 2020.

Fast-forwarding to March of 2021, Pennington Ewing Atheltic Club made it known on Facebook that they are "GETTING 'THE BAND' BACK TOGETHER." However, they will not be at the same location that the fitness center was located before.

According to the Facebook post created by PEAC Health & Fitness, the fitness center will be teaming up with SimplyFit which is located inside Schafer Sports Center. The SimplyFit location is at 5 Graphics Drive in Ewing.

We learned from the SimplyFit website that this fitness center is fairly new also. It was stated that the fitness center was established in 2020. SimplyFit has made it known on their website that March 2021 is when they added new fitness equipment to the fitness center.
Once Pennington Ewing Athletic Club revealed on Facebook that they will be teaming up with SimplyFit many Facebook users showed a ton of excitement. One Facebook user asked a very important question, "Is all the old PEAC weightlifting equipment there now?" Doug Steinly, Owner of SimplyFit, let the Facebook user know that "the equipment is very similar to the equipment that was in PEAC."

If you are looking for a new fitness center in the Mercer County area now you can go check out the old PEAC team at SimplyFit in Schafer Sports Center.

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