Chicken wings!! The perfect casual finger food. Whether you like 'em dry or wet. Buffalo hot wings, barbecue, Garlic parmesan, Jamaican jerk, mango habanero, teriyaki, etc. etc. The flavors are literally endless for some finger lickin' goodness!

Photo by Alaundra Alford on Unsplash
Photo by Alaundra Alford on Unsplash

But not every place knows how to do a truly great chicken wing. Sometimes they're not freshly fried, sometimes they're not crispy, sometimes they're not tossed in the sauce enough or they're downright flavorless.

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So to avoid a disappointing wing you want to know where you can get some of the best of the best. So where are they in New Jersey?

According to, the best chicken wings in all of New Jersey are at Peck Peck Korean Fried Chicken in Teaneck, NJ.

They're a small "mom & pop" family-operated nook that specializes in Korean-style fried chicken. They were also recognized as the best wings around in 2019!

Specifically, applauds their "Salt & Pepper" wings as the best chicken wings in the state:

They have savory Soy Garlic Wings, the fiery Sweet & Spicy Wings, and the incredible Salt & Pepper Wings, which use a dry rub that is exploding with flavor. You won't be disappointed with any of their wings, but their Salt & Pepper Wings are truly something you deserve to try at least once in your life.

But wait.

As mouthwateringly delicious as these wings look, you might be planning your next trip to Teaneck, but unfortunately there is a setback: you can't get them right now, according to their website:

"Because we are under-staffed, we are temporarily not serving chicken wings. We hope to be fully-staffed soon, resuming normal operations. Again, we are so sorry for this temporary change."

So obviously demand is high... everyone wants to get their hands on those golden brown crispy wings. Hopefully they'll be selling wings again soon, but HOWEVER, you can order their other delicious menu items, like chicken tenders, chicken strip bowls, and chicken tender salad.

Check back on their website for updates, and follow them on Instagram @peckpeckchicken!

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