The new principal, Richard Bonkowski, at Pennsauken High is not making it easy for students to eat. If you try grabbing a quick breakfast from a fast food place to bring in to school with you, it will not happen. You're better off eating that extremely quick before you walk in.

Tensions are rising at Pennsauken High School after Principal Bonkowski started the new food policy. All students received a letter that said no open food containers or beverages allowed on school property. Richard Bonkowsi said to NJ Advance Media that the main reason why morning coffee is not allowed is because if it spills it can be hazardous and burn another student.

Parents aren't too happy with the policy and are asking, "Why can't they bring a snack or bottle of water or juice from home?" spoke to a parent who said, “If there was a policy, I was not aware of it." But Bonkowski mentioned that this isn't a new policy, this is something that has been around.

There are regulations on which types of food are allowed on school property and some New Jersey schools allow students to eat before class.

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