Fox 29 reports that Pennsauken high school may not be allowing spectators in to watch football games for the rest of the season.

During Friday night's game vs Camden High School, a fight broke out at Pennsauken High School and caused the game to be stopped.

Due to the fight, officials are set to meet this week to discuss a plan moving forward for the rest of the season according to Fox 29.

There may be an option to limit tickets to just family members or giving each athlete only a certain amount of tickets.

Will other high schools follow Pennsauken's lead and possibly not allow fans at their football games as well? We shall see.

I coached high school cheerleading for four years at Piscataway High School and their were a few times where fights broke out during the games.

It can be scary, especially now with the increase of violence that just seems to be everywhere these days.

I don't remember a lot of violence in my high school and the only time there would every be talks of a "fight" was during our Thanksgiving Day game when we played our rivals, the Dunellen Destroyers.

I was never really apart of that rivalry since I was friends with a lot of the Dunellen cheerleaders and I actually dated a guy on the football team my sophomore year.

Also, being a cheerleader, I tried to stay away from that drama since we represented our school. I always told the cheerleaders that I coached the same thing. When you put on a uniform, you represent a school.

I told them if they wanted to act inappropriately, they could hand in the uniform.

Usually the kids that start trouble are just spectators, so I can understand why administrators and faculty members want to do away with spectators.

It does make me feel sad though because high school sports have suffered due to the pandemic and some schools didn't allow any fans or spectators last year.

I feel like athletes feed off the support they have at games. They love the crowd cheering for them, I really do believe it helps them perform better.

I think it would definitely cause an uproar, especially with parents and families of senior athletes.

Maybe other measures can be taken in order to still have fans at the games and keep everyone safe?

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