Well here is something you don't hear every day.

A couple from Pennsylvania has eaten a piece of  their original wedding cake every year for nearly 50 years!

There names are Anne and David Cowburn, and it's tradition for them to celebrate their anniversary every year by eating a 50 year old vanilla cake that was baked back in 1970 for their special day. They cut out a small slice and gently feed it to one another.

If you're wondering how they preserve it after all these years, its actually simple. They store the cake in the freezer rapped tightly in saran wrap and two plastic bags. Its not moldy or anything but it doesn't taste like cake anymore.

"Something between cardboard or lighter fluid, I guess. It doesn’t taste anything like cake at this point," David Cowburn said. "I don't remember when it tasted good.

This is by far the craziest tradition I have ever heard of.