Pennsylvanians can easily brag to all New Jerseyans right now by letting them know that the state of Pennsylvania is a lot more giving. It has been reported by Wallet Hub that the state of Pennsylvania is a more charitable state than the state of New Jersey.

In a survey created by Wallet Hub every single state in the United States of America was compared across 19 key indicators of charitable behavior that showed which states will be the "Most Charitable States for 2021." Pennsylvania took the 6th spot overall as one of the most charitable states in the country.

According to Wallet Hub, The state of Pennsylvania also landed in the 12th spot for 'Volunteering and Service' as well as 'Charitable Giving.' It is nice to know that you are in a state that is all about helping each other in times of need.

It was stated on Wallet Hub that over 77 million Americans donate their time and volunteer to help others. We learned that it is a total of 6.9 billion hours per year combined as well as a total of $167 billion of service. Wow! That is great.

When it comes to New Jersey's charitable work, the Garden State lands in the 27th spot overall. That's not too bad. It is not the least charitable state but not as good as Pennsylvania. Wallet Hub made it known that New Jersey takes the 33rd spot for 'Volunteering and Service' and 18th for 'Charitable Giving.'

If you want to know a fun fact, New York is one of the states with the worst volunteering rate.

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