Don't you just hate sending your resume to businesses that are hiring and getting absolutely no reply? We are sure that everyone hates that. Unfortunately, the global pandemic did not help anyone to get a job at all.

Wallet Hub recently created a survey that shows which states are the best and which are the worst states for jobs. Let's just say we are not living in the greatest states. Wallet Hub created the survey by comparing every single state through multiple key indicators. Some major keys were "job-market strength, opportunity and a healthy economy."

The state of Pennsylvania is considered one of the worst states for jobs. According to the survey shared on Wallet Hub, the state of Pennsylvania overall is the 3rd worst state for jobs in the whole country.

Two other big categories shared on Wallet Hub's survey were Job Market and Economic Environment.

  • Job Market -  Pennsylvania was on the 38th spot
  • Economic Environment - Pennsylvania was the 2nd worst on the 48th spot.

The state of New Jersey overall landed in the middle of the whole survey in the 24th spot, according to Wallet Hub. Sounds like it's still tough to get jobs if you ask me. As for the other two categories, Job Market and Economic Environment, the Garden State landed in the 2nd best spot for Economic Environment and 44 for Job Market. So, not too good in the job market category.

The survey shared on Wallet Hub also showed that New Jersey is the 4th state with the "highest median annual income" and the 3rd worst in the "longest time spent commuting."

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