Lions and tigers and bears...oh my!

Did you know that Pennsylvania is one of the states where people have been killed by wild animals at an alarming rate?

Outforia complied a bunch of facts in order to find out which states in the country had the most deadly animal attacks in the past twenty years. Now this doesn't include getting attacked by bees, or getting mulled by a dog. Also, the number of deadly car crashes caused by hitting a deer was not factored in either. I'm talking wild animals like cayotes, bears, sharks, cougars, wolves and more. The type of animal that you never wish to encounter in your lifetime because you know it won't end well for you.

According to Outforia, Pennsylvania had 148 deaths from animal attacks in the past 20 years placing 8th on the list of states where the most people are killed by animals. That may not sound like a lot, but it's extremely rare to be killed by a wild animal in America.

Texas took the number 1 spot with 520 deaths, followed by California with 299, according to Outforia. The most common animal that people are killed by in Pennsylvania are bears and wolves.

There was one time in my life that I saw a bear way too close for comfort. I was working an event for cancer awareness that was located on top of a mountain in Roanoke, Virginia. Luckily we were all in the car and happened to spot the bear in the trees nearby. But, I distinctly remember the shiver that ran through my spine, and I never want to feel it again.

Have you ever encountered a bear in PA?


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