After everything that Pete Davidson has been through, the guy could use some good publicity. However, canceling a sold out show just a day before he was supposed to will only bring him bad publicity.

Since his rise to fame after dating, proposing and calling things off with Ariana Grande, Pete has been cashing in on his popularity by doing stand up comedy shows, but the latest one he was set to perform was suddenly canceled. According to, the show was supposed to take place at the South Orange Performing Arts Center tonight, but ticket holders were notified yesterday that the show was canceled. The reason? No one knows! He announced that he'd do the show the day after Valentine's Day, and then by Monday, the show is canceled. Pete has a history of being mentally unstable, so fans got very worried.

Its seems that all is good with Pete since E News just reported a few hours ago that Pete met up with his ex girlfriendCarly Aquilino in Long Island yesterday. She was performing a stand up show and of course a picture was posted with Pete in it. Hopefully Kate Beckinsale knew about this reunion. We'd hate to see her look like a fool, especially since she's been taking so much criticism for being seen with Pete. 

Either way, I think Pete Davidson is a lot of hot water!


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