Just the thought of getting married sounds extremely expensive and makes you think twice about proposing. After reading on PhillyMag.com about the Philadelphia bride that only spent $15 on a wedding dress those thoughts change a little.

Christiana Light is one of the VERY few brides, maybe even the only bride, that spent only $15 on a dress. It was mentioned on PhillyMag.com that she was content with "not spending a ton on the wedding." Light told Philly Magazine that she's not really a "wedding dress person" and never really thought about spending so much on a dress that would probably only be worn once.

PhillyMag.com also reported that Christiana Light purchased the dress while on a trip to California. Light walked into an American Cancer Society thrift store where she found her wedding dress with an original price tag of $30. That price is already super low for a wedding dress, but Light lucked out even more when she saw that it had a 50% off tag. This discount made the dress come out to be $15. What a deal!

On average, in Philadelphia, a wedding can cost around $40,000. Light mentioned that spending all that money or perhaps even more is "not that relaxed, easy kind of feel."

Light wasn't the only person to get such a deal on their dress. Her bridesmaids only spent $15 on their dresses as well. Now that's how you get married on a budget!

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