A Philadelphia Eagles player gifted a super fan with tickets to a game.

This is so cute!

So this little girl who just so happens to be a huge Eagles fan, specifically a Jalen Mills fan just got two gifts that are very cool.

If you didn't know the Eagles cornerback played a major roll in the teams Superbowl win back in 2018 so obviously there are little fans out there who really admire him.

Any who ... her family bought her a Jalen Mills jersey and by the way her reaction was everything just watch the Twitter video below.

What this little super fan didn't know was that her favorite player ever was going to come across the video.

Yup, Jalen Mills saw the video and loved it so much that he offered the whole family tickets to one of his games.

Wow! How amazing is that.

This will be something this little Eagles fan will never forget.

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