Workin' hard, or hardly workin'? *Knee slap*

If you're in Philly, according to a new study... you're not working as hard as other cities. By a lot!

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WalletHub just released their study of 2023'S Hardest-Working Cities in America, and I was surprised to see where Philadelphia ranked!

Here's how they crunched the numbers. They compared 116 of the country's most-populated cities across the two key dimensions of "Direct Work Factors" and "Indirect Work Factors."

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They then evaluated those dimensions across 11 key metrics, including "Average work week hours," "Share of Workers Leaving Vacation Time Unused," "Average Commute Time", and "Average Leisure Time Spent Per Day."

So where did Philadelphia rank? Out of 116 cities, Philly came in at.... #92!

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Phildelphia ranked #103 in "Direct Work Factors" and #12 in "Indirect Work Factors."

So who are the hardest workers? Here are the Top 10 hardest-working cities:

  1. San Francisco, CA
  2. Anchorage, AK
  3. Irving, TX
  4. Virginia Beach, VA
  5. Washington, D.C.
  6. Sioux Falls, SD
  7. Norfolk, VA
  8. Cheyenne, WY
  9. Dalllas, TX
  10. Austin, TX

However, that's not to say Philadelphia is lazy or not hard-working! And after all, there is such a thing as working too much! That can be a huge problem. You don't want to burn out by not taking enough time for yourself!

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Are you surprised by Philadelphia's ranking? Don't be afraid to chime in in the comments!

Check out the full ranked map down below!

Source: WalletHub

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