For those moments in life when you have a need for cheese!

Which of us can say they've never had an urgent need for a block of gruyère in the wee hours of the night? Well if you're a cheese lover in Philly, this new vending machine is your saving grace!

Say hello to Perrystead Dairy's cheese dispensary - the first-ever 24/7 cheese vending machine in Philadelphia! It's located at 1639 N Hancock St in Olde Kensington.

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And we're not talking your regular, ultra-processed cheese you get in the dairy aisle at the grocery store. This is REAL, authentic, award-winning cheeses worthy of your next charcuterie board.

Speaking of charcuterie boards, this bright-red vending machine booth also offers a delicious selection of jams, crackers, chutney, cured meats - even cheese boards!

How does the 24/7 cheese vending machine work?

It's a pretty straightforward process - pretty much just like any vending machine you've been to, except it's cash-less.

Once you enter the booth, you can tap-to-pay using your phone or credit card and make your selection. Then you follow the prompt on the reader before the door unlocks for you to collect your item!

This is truly unlike any vending machine you've ever seen. Take a look at how it works from the owner!

Ever since it first opened in April it's been pretty successful! Perrystead's founder, Yoav Perry  told the Philadelphia Inquirer that after achieving some social media hype from a chef, foot traffic really picked up!

Such a cool hidden gem in Philly - because no matter what time it is, one should be cheese-less! Definitely check it out if you're around.

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