Hey Philly, you’re getting called out.

Apparently, Philadelphia, PA is one of the rattiest cities in the United States. Normally, it’s so exciting to see Philly on one of these local lists, but this was one we could’ve passed on.

Orkin Pest Control did a study, according to nbcphiladelphia.com, on the cities that have the biggest rat population in America. Last year, Philadelphia was number 7 on the list and now has bumped up to number 6 for 2022.

Personally, I’ve only seen a rat once and it was in New York City, and I never want to see one again. I’m sure they’re just doing what they need to get by, but I’d rather never have to cross paths with another rat again in my life.

Every year, Orkin Pest Control releases its top 50 Rattiest Cities list and for the 8th year in a row, Chicago has taken the top spot. Number 2 on the list was New York City, which we probably would’ve thought was number 1!

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Next in the #3 spot was Los Angeles, followed by Washington DC, San Francisco, and then Philidelphia.

Orkin put out some recommendations on what to do to help prevent mice and rats in your home as the weather gets cooler:

1. Avoid cluttered spaces

2. Don’t leave food out

3. Inspect your home inside and out to make sure rodents can’t get in

4. Look for possible entry points

This one is definitely not the most glamorous list that Philly could’ve made out there, but at least we’re not #1! Sorry, Chicago!

You can find the official list of all of the 50 Rattiest Cities on Orkin’s website. 

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