Philadelphia's "most beloved" TV anchor is in a bit of hot water with Phillies fans after the holiday break. Yeah, we're talking about channel 6's longtime newsman Jim Gardner.

You know that the mindset of a true Philadelphian is that you are nothing if you're not a fan of the Philadelphia sports teams.

Well, Jim Gardner made the mistake of sharing a photo of himself wearing a Detroit Tigers hat.  Even though the picture that Gardner took was great because it was alongside Jeopardy star, Alex Trebek, it still isn't a good look for the people of Philadelphia.

Many Philadelphians replied to Jim Gardner's tweet of the photo being very frank about how they felt. Most made it clear that they weren't fans of the Detroit hat.

Gardner tells, “I’ve been buying other teams’ hats when I go to their stadiums since I was a kid." This particular hat was purchased when Gardner and his son made a visit to the University of Michigan and caught a Tigers game while they were in town.

The Phillies actually called Jim out for the photo too, but at least they were forgiving:

The 6ABC legend responded to the hate saying that he isn't going to go against of our hometown teams.

We can probably cut Jim some slack, right?

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