The big game is happening this weekend. Even if our favorite team is not playing we will still watch it and have some sort of gathering. We just need an excuse to drink and football is the perfect excuse.

There are many cities in the country that claim to be the best city in the world when it comes to being a football town. But the question is, are they really the best football city in the country?

As for Philadelphia, all Philadelphians can proudly say that they are living in one of the best football cities. According to Wallet Hub, Philadelphia is considered the 15th best football city in the country. The reason why is because the city not only has great college football fans but more importantly an even better fan base for their football team.

The only bad thing about trying to catch a football game in the City of Brotherly Love is that the tickets are way too expensive. It was stated on Wallet Hub that Philadelphia is the 5th most expensive city to watch a professional football game. Another thing is that the Lincoln Financial Field is the 5th least accessible stadium as well.

One thing that I do disagree with this survey is that the City of Brotherly Love did not make the top five on the "Most Engage NFL Fans." Philadelphia Eagles fans are always engaged and ready to go for football Sunday.

Wallet Hub made it known that Pittsburg is the best football city in the country.

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