Living alone sure has its perks. You don’t have to share anything in your home, but it will certainly cost you more… a lot more. 

Single renters will pay $6,226 more a year for a one-bedroom apartment in Philadelphia, PA, when compared to a couple that lives together, according to new research from Zillow.

The popular real estate site analyzed the cost of one-bedroom apartments in the 50 biggest cities across the country to reach this verdict.

"Living alone has its perks — you never have to share a bathroom, you have a claim to the TV at all times, and dirty dishes can stack up as long as you want, judgment-free. But all that freedom comes with a cost," a Zillow expert explained. “Renters considering going solo this year must decide how valuable living alone is to them, and if the cost is worth it."

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If you’re cohabitating with someone else, they say that you could save an average of $14,000 (compared to living alone). That's a hefty price tag that you could use for all of your other bills in 2023. 

“In the end, moving in together or deciding to live roommate-free are extremely personal decisions,” Zillow says. “This data highlights the importance of finding a rental that's the right fit for each individual and household.”

Having said that, if you’re looking to live alone… Philly isn’t the worst place to do it. In fact, it’s pretty good. 

Philly ranks 34th on Zillow's analysis of the most expensive singles taxes in 50 cities.

New York City, as you can imagine is SUPER expensive. Single renters will pay nearly $20,000 more in rent annually.

Philly, I think you're stuck with me for years to come based on this "good" news since I suspect I'll be single forever.

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