Phillies fans, soon you'll be able to get 'Ballpark Passes.' It's kind of like a season pass. Before you get ahead of yourself, we have to tell you it's not for the whole season.

According to, you'll have 2 different options for the Ballpark Passes. The first option is Phillies Spring Ballpark Pass and the second option is the Phillies April Ballpark Pass.

For $90 you can be at all the Phillies home games, with the exception of Opening Day, up until May 14 with the Phillies Spring Ballpark Pass. NBC Philadelphia mentioned that this Ballpark Pass gives you access to a total of 18 games. These tickets give you access to the standing-room section only.

The other option you have will cost you only $45 and that is the Phillies April Ballpark Pass. This also is a standing-room section only ticket and is for games in April only but does NOT include opening day.

If you plan on attending a few Phillies games in the next few weeks this is a great deal for you. I'm really thinking about getting myself one since the Dodgers will play the Phillies in May.

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