Some familiar local faces were featured on the Kelly Clarkson show yesterday and the story is just incredible!

Every year, Kelly brings on her “good neighbors of the year”, which is a title used to honor good samaritans in different communities to highlight some of the fantastic work people do.

A lot of good happens in the world every single day that goes unnoticed, so she likes to give thanks to some of the people who contribute to making the world a better and happier place.

The man who was getting recognized for being one of Kelly’s Good Neighbors of the Year this year was Tyrique Glasgow, a Philadelphia native.

Tyrique has done some amazing things for everyone in his community from his neighbors to first responders. He is the founder of the Young Chances Foundation which does a numerous amount in Philadelphia.

This foundation was founded 10 years ago and provides food, education to child care, it’s really inspiring. After giving back to a mother in Philadelphia on the show by surprising her with gifts for the holidays, Kelly Clarkson surprised Tyrique by donating $25,000 to the Young Chances Foundation.

A ton of local celebs even made their way to LA to be there with Tyrique for this super special occasion. Francis Wang from NBC 10 flew all the way to be on the show with Tyrique and Kelly even brought on Sheila Watko also from NBC 10 to pull off this amazing surprise for this mother in Philadelphia. Tyrique is all about spreading positive vibes this holiday season and beyond!

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