This new bill proposes to suck the fun out of snow days by incorporating schoolwork into them.

Given it is only July, the chance of seeing snow on the ground anytime soon is slim to none but Pennsylvania lawmakers are thinking well in advance.

The Board of Education will provide lesson plans on the days that were once known as snow days, now being referred to as flex days. Basically, because of the “flexibility” that comes along with working from home.

It all seems a tad extra if you ask me.

PhillyMag reports that since these “flex days” would count toward the mandated number of school days, attendance would still have to be taken.  How would that even be possible? One may say computers but what if the weather causes power outages and what if the student does not have access to a computer?

So many questions, not many answers. But one thing is for certain, students better enjoy these summer days because next school year will be full of books with “no days off”...literally.

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