Philadelphia didn’t get the nickname “Filthadelphia” for nothing. The city has always had a big problem with litter crowding the streets and the people of the city have been trying to figure out one of the many main causes of this problem. The signs that you see on telephone poles, traffic lights, etc. are actually one of the many factors of why Philadelphia is filled with litter everywhere. You might think a simple sign for a garage sale or an upcoming local event might be harmless but they are actually illegal and have penalty fees of up to $2,000 if you hang them up. After a while, those signs can get ripped, thrown off, or fall on the ground which will just add to the trash that is already all over the streets.

According to the city is paying people 50 cents for each sign that gets taken down all over Philadelphia. Local citizens have already taken down over 8,000 signs and they are setting it aside for a project that will be taking place this coming Fall. Artists are going to come together in October to take all the signs/flyers that were cluttering the city and possibly turn them into a mural or some piece of art for the community. As of right now, nobody knows exactly what is going to become of all the trashed signs, but the city and the local artists are going to turn it into some form of art that will raise awareness for all the litter and waste that take up city streets everywhere.

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