Philadelphia is saying hello to a brand-new sports team! Philly is already home to amazing football, baseball, hockey, basketball, and soccer teams that have THE most devoted fans in the country. Now, Philly can become a fan of yet another sport.

The Waterdogs lacrosse team is now the city of Philadelphia’s premier lacrosse league team. Let’s be real. The city of Philadelphia is absolutely electric. From Eagles tailgates to the nightlife in Center City, The Waterdogs have landed themselves in the most perfect spot in the country.


You’ll never find sports fans more dedicated than Philadelphia sports fans, that’s just a fact. As soon as the Philly Waterdogs make their presence known in the Philadelphia area, the people of Philly will fall in love.

The Waterdogs already have a massive following due to the organization's owners who are not only Barstool Sports legends but internet legends as well.

The owners of Philly’s newest sports team have a popular Barstool Sports podcast called Pardon My Take (the one your sports-loving boyfriend probably makes you listen to in the car). The Philadelphia Waterdogs will now be representing the City of Brotherly Love in the Premier Lacrosse League next season says

If you’re looking to go out and support, the team’s official schedule looks like it will be announced on Jan. 1.

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