Recent reports reveal that people in Philadelphia spend over a millennium’s worth of time sitting in traffic.

We all know that Philadelphia is a beautiful city, and most of that beauty is taken in while sitting in a car in bumper to bumper traffic.

Everyone has somewhere to go and nine times out of ten, most people are taking the same route that you are in order to get to wherever that is. PhillyMag reports that Officials have released quantified data that reveals how much time and money is being wasted as a result of Philadelphia’s traffic.

Econsult Solutions Inc. provided that jaw-dropping stats. One of them being that Philadelphians waste over 9 million hours sitting in traffic annually. That translates to about one thousand years. Nobody even lives that long!

Downtown Philadelphia’s Center City creates the most congestion, causing about $150 million dollars in transportation costs related to travel delays. With the highest number of cars in the city ever, it makes sense that traffic would be a nightmare as city officials urge people to utilize SEPTA buses and trains.

Philadelphia has a seven-year plan proposal to help cut the city’s traffic but judging by the jam on Broad Street, I’ll believe it when I see it!

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