At the end of May 2019 the iconic Trocadero Theatre will permanently be closing its doors for good.

The theatre has a rich history in the City of Brotherly Love since it opened way back in 1870. Variety broke the news with a confirmation from the owner of the Trocadero Theatre, Joanna Pang. What makes this venue so special was that it hosted a variety of events and Pang told Variety they were able to do so because they "...were an independent room that could embrace and pursue every aspect of multiculturalism, from drag performers to zombie proms to LGBTQ events. We were dedicated to welcoming all artistic scenes, and I’m proud of that.”

One of the reasons why they decided to close was because of the surrounding competition made it harder for an independent venue to remain open.

It's always sad to see anything close, especially when it has been such a staple in the city for over a century. I got the opportunity to attend a Kacey Musgraves concert there in 2015. Looking back on my Instagram post this bittersweet photo almost fits perfectly with the melancholy news about the Trocadero.

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