Talk about democracy in action! A Philadelphia Phillies fan just successfully (And single-handedly) convinced the team to add more "dollar dog nights" to their schedule.

And there's a video (posted below) to prove it!

You know what we're talking about right? These are the days when the ballpark only charges $1 for every hot dog sold.

The Phillies only had two Dollar Hot Dog nights on the calendar. Usually, that's more than 3 on the team's promotional calendar. The nights are sponsored by Hatfield Hot Dogs, of course.

In a typical season, the team hosts a handful of those events. This season they only hosted two, and both took place in May. So there's nothing else to look forward to this season since the Phillies seem to be finding a way to break our collective hearts (in spite of a stacked lineup).

So we just found out about Kyle Pagan, via NBC Sports Philadelphia. He's a true hero. Kyle is a contributor to the popular blog, Crossing Broad. He called Senator Bob Casey's office to raise the issue.

He recorded the video and posted it on Twitter last Thursday (May 19). Watch it here (it's hysterical, but also super serious, of course):

"I wanted to get on Senator Bob Casey's schedule because I think this is an important issue we have to raise with the Philadelphia Phillies," he said as he explained the lack of cheap hot dogs on the calendar. 

I gotta say, Regina, who answered the phone and works for Senator Casey's office, had the perfect reaction.

She slipped up and laughed once, but apologized saying that she, too, missed Citizen's Bank Park now that she lives in Washington, D.C.

Doing her job, Regina promised to pass the information on to the appropriate parties.

Well, I'm AMAZED by the speed of the entire encounter. So Kyle shared the video no Twitter at 2:02 pm on Thursday, May 19, right?

Well, the issue was apparently addressed like... RIGHT AWAY. Senator Casey responded on Twitter literally 67 minutes later — which is a little concerning that the Senator didn't have any bigger issues to tweet about on a Thursday, right?

Now, to his credit: I am sure that Senator Casey KNEW this was an issue that nobody would take an objection to.

"I agree, more Dollar Dog Nights. Phillies, let's do this," he wrote.

But the quick change didn't end there. The Phillies have said they WILL host more dollar dog nights.

An Associated Press reporter reached out to Aramark (the ballpark's food provider) for comment later that evening, and they already agreed that more Dollar Dog Nights would be coming this season.

"We are planning for another dollar dog night and we will announce that in the near future," Aramark tells Dan Delston of the Associated Press.

So we may have to wait for the details to be confirmed, but at least one more Dollar Dog Night is back!

... And who says Congress doesn't do anything to change our lives for the good?

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