When we think of sports Hall-of-Famers, we think of the crazy stats they have created and records they have beaten. We think of the fans who would die for them and the people who would do just about anything to see them lose. On Thursday, the Philadelphia Phillies retired one player’s number who may have not made it to the Hall of Fame yet, but displayed all of those qualities: Dick Allen.

To say this is an honor would be an understatement! According to CBS Sports, the Phillies have only ever retired players numbers that have been in the Hall of Fame. Dick Allen played for 15 years in the MLB, which nine of those seasons were played with the Philadelphia Phillies states the Philly Inquirer. Author of the Inquirer article, Matt Breen, also writes that Allen will be able to be voted into the Hall of Fame by the Golden Days Committee this winter. And I thought just having your number retired would be enough of an achievement!

According to CBS Sports, Allen’s number will be officially retired on September 3rd, which the Philly Inquirer states is his 57th Anniversary from starting in the MLB at the Milwaukee County Stadium. He was known for being one of the best hitters in the MLB, which some of his records surpass those who are already enshrined into the Hall of Fame.

“The Phillies organization is thrilled to give Dick and his family this honor that recognizes his Hall of Fame-worthy career and his legacy as one of the greatest Phillies of all time,” says John Middleton, the Phillies managing partner. Congratulations to Dick Allen!


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