When the sun comes out, so do the bugs and they are apparently flocking to Philadelphia.

Pest control service, Terminix, has listed Philly as the place with the worst bed bug infestation, worse than anywhere else in the country.

Bed bugs are infiltrating buildings around the city which, unfortunately, also includes hotels and people’s homes. Both of which serve as places for people to lay their heads during the upcoming summer season.  Companies, such as Airbnb, have gone to great lengths in order to protect their app users from having bad bedbug experiences. They have gone as far as to grant full refunds to guests, reports say.

The president of Terminix told CBS News, “Bed bugs continue to pose concerns for public health, as their presence is felt across the country, in cities large and small,”.

CBS advises that when traveling, it's best to get in the habit of vacuuming suitcases after use and washing clothes in hot water, to prevent the migration of bedbugs.

Check out the other tips here and if you plan on spending a night in a hotel or someone else's home this summer, you may wanna check your bed before you get too comfy.

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