One of my biggest fears as a child was bugs crawling on me in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. I would always hear urban legends that it is inevitable that a certain number of bed bugs crawl into your mouth while you're sleeping a year. Well if you live in the city of Philadelphia, this is something you should actually be scared of. According to a new survey, the City of Brotherly Love took the number 2 spot as the city with the most bed bugs. Gross, right?

Orkin just came out with a list that determined the top 50 cities with the most bed bugs crawling around its residents' rooms at night. According to PRNewswire, the reason for the big increase in bed bugs over the last year is due to the increase in travel. The world opened back up after a year in quarantine which means people started driving again. What does that have to do with those gross creepy crawlers? Well, they hitch rides! They latch on to your cars, your clothes...YOU! And that's how they multiply and spread. The pandemic has also caused so much chaos in the health field among essential workers. As a result, monitoring bed bugs and taking care of the pest problem hasn't been the number one priority like it used to be.

According to PRNewswire, Chicago took the number one spot for the most bed bugs for the second year in a row. Philadelphia came in at number two followed by New York, Detroit, Baltimore, Indianapolis, D.C, Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati.

Philadelphia isn't really looking too appealing when it comes to a way of life. Not only do we have an insane amount of bed bugs, but Philly is also ranked number one in the country for rats, according to The Inquirer.

Rats and bed bugs? No thanks!


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