This could be useful to your safety ... but harmful for your pockets.

The city of Philadelphia is considering adding speed-detection cameras to a 12-mile stretch of Roosevelt Boulevard. The cameras would be installed every two miles in the area to detect speeders.

The price of speeding could end up costing you a pretty penny too! You're looking at fines that start at $150 for the first offense. Yikes!

However, this could be a good thing, seeing that the Boulevard is kind of dangerous. I try to avoid that road any chance I get because people drive like maniacs on there. Out of 100 traffic fatalities each year in Philadelphia, and 10% of those happen on the Boulevard.

According to, "Probably the single most important measure that Philadelphia can do to save people in traffic is putting these speed cameras up," said Sarah Clark Stuart, of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. "We think it'll save maybe a half dozen lives a year."

These cameras aren't legal just yet, but it's on the city's radar to get this in motion, so it might be coming very soon!


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