A popular Philadelphia doughnut chain is coming to New Jersey.

Doughnuts that taste like cake, sounds delicious right?!

Well, they make them and according to NJ.com, the growing Philadelphia chain is opening a new location right over the PA border in south Jersey.

Yep, 'Factory Donuts,' is coming to Washington Township in Gloucester County. However, there is no specific date for the opening but it won't arrive till late summer.

Did I mention they make a maple bacon explosion doughnut?

Bacon on a doughnut...It almost sounds too weird to try but at the same time, it sounds super.

This New Jersey location is rumored to open in August with a super convenient drive-thru.  Not only will they be selling their famous cake doughnuts but they will also be selling coffee to go hand in hand with their delicious doughnuts.

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