Good ol’ Dunkin may be getting new ownership very soon, at least that is what Delish has reported. It was recently mentioned on Delish's website that the donut and coffee spot that everyone loves may get bought out by the same owners of both Buffalo Wild Wings and Sonic. That's a big move for the Inspire Brands company.

According to Delish, the deal is currently moving extremely fast, and Inspire Brands could be the owner of Dunkin as soon as today. Even though no comments have been made by either Dunkin or Inspire Brands, Delish reported that there is no reason why the agreement would not be closed as soon as possible.

One thing I would like to know is how much is Inspire Brands paying from the Dunkin brand because it is known that the Dunkin stocks are booming this year. Delish made it known that the Dunkin brand is valued at around $8.8 billion. My jaw just dropped. That is an extremely large amount of money.

Inspire Brands definitely has that kind of money though. The company owns some of the biggest food businesses such as Arby's, Buffalo Wild Wings, Jimmy John's, Sonic.

Just imagine going to Buffalo Wild Wings and getting some Dunkin donuts for dessert. Not a bad move but probably would not happen. Just an idea.

We also learned that Dunkin has the same owner as Baskin Robbins. So, it looks like the ice cream spot will be a part of the deal that Inspire Brands is trying to close out soon as well.

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