This is one of the weirdest cases ever to happen in Glassboro, New Jersey!

Earlier this week, the Glassboro Police Department asked for the public's help in identifying a young man who contaminated a Heritages store pickle barrel... with his head.

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The police department wrote on Facebook:

"Sometimes there are no appropriate words for the actions one takes. This gentleman decided to walk into Heritage's and dunk his head in the large bin of pickles which caused the store to have to remove them for sale. We are withholding the video since he was apparently videoing the incident himself with his cell phone, probably for "likes", and we do not want to give him more attention than he deserves."

Yep! He walked into the store, dunked his head into the pickle barrel, and proceeded to walk right back out - head soaked in pickle juice!

What's even more bizarre - he recorded it himself! You can see a snippet in the Tweet (X) below:

Given the guy's appearance in age, many people assumed he's very likely a student at Rowan University.

Shout out to Barstool Rowan on Instagram for this dill-arious coverage:

The Pickle Monster has turned himself in

Well pretty soon word started to spread and the pickle guy realized that he'd gotten himself... into a pickle.

The Glassboro Police reported this morning that the suspect came forward and identified himself to the police. Peep the pickle puns in their update:

There will likely be repercussions for his actions. A sales associate of the Heritages store told The Daily Mail that the container of pickles wasn't cheap! It was worth about $52, yet they had to dump it all out because of the contamination.

Whoever this kid is, he's never gonna live this one down!

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