I couldn't love this more. A little birdie told me about a Mail Carrier and his Postmaster in Plainsboro Township who went way above and beyond to make a local boy's dream come true.

Rishik Pannala is 9 year old boy who loves football star, Tom Brady, who just won another Super Bowl title with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Rishik wrote Tom a letter back in December and simply handed it to his mail carrier, Mark Egan, when he delivered his family's mail one day. His parents didn't even know that he requested their mail carrier mail the letter to Brady, even though he didn't have an address. What Egan did after that was amazing. He went to work with his Postmaster, finding a promising address for the team and Brady, and mailed the boy's fan letter.

What happened next gives me goosebumps.  A few weeks later, Egan delivered Rishik a special letter from the Buccaneers, and guess what...he was sent an autographed picture of Tom Brady. To say the boy was happy is an understatement. His father was thrilled too, and so grateful to Egan and his Postmaster, saying, "My wife and I very much appreciate our mail carrier Mark’s kind gesture. It is efforts from people like Mark the mailman that remind us of what a wonderful community we have and how fortunate we are to have Mark looking out for our family.  To us, Mark and his Postmaster are the real heroes who made it possible for a young kid to have a very special experience."

This is awesome, truly awesome.

PST wanted to give a shoutout to Mark Egan and his Postmaster. There should be more people out there like both of you.

Thank you USPS for letting me know about these local heroes.

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