With this massive heat wave the only thing that sounds better than an ice cold drink is a playa bowl and laying out by the beach. Playa Bowls started in Belmar, NJ and has been building more and more all over the country. Now, Patch.com reports that Mercer County is finally getting one.

According to playabowls.com, they have 50 different locations. Though they started in mostly beach areas, they are making their way to other locations, one of those being Palmer Square in Princeton. How Exciting! It’s cool to see a NJ-based business taking over other states like Florida, the Carolinas, and even Puerto Rico!

Playa Bowls has not released the opening date of their Princeton location, however they did make an Instagram account to keep everyone up to date with their progress. The username is @playabowlsprinceton and they’re already posting some delicious-looking treats!

Though the summer is going by extremely quick, Playa Bowls is bringing the beach to us so that summer can last year round. We’re excited to finally have a Playa Bowls so close to us, and it’ll definitely be a fun spot to hang out and grab lunch!

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