If you've never had an acai bowl, it's an interesting experience. For me, when I had my first one, I was a little skeptical because it was cold, crunchy and soft at the same time. I got one with the acai smoothie on the bottom, granola and banana on top. But honestly, you can get a million different kinds of them to choose from. They are definitely something that you see all over Instagram and the Jersey Shore especially in the summer time. Now there are a bunch of popular chains of acai places, but one that started right here in New Jersey, is making its way to Pennsylvania. There is already a location in Doylestown, but Playa Bowls owners want to bring it to Newtown.

According to The Patch, a Playa Bowls is coming to Newtown! Playa Bowls opened their first shop on Ocean Avenue in Belmar New Jersey five years ago and now they might be opening another location in the Village at Newtown Shopping Center. The Village at Newtown Shopping Center is being completely redone and adding a ton of stores and adding a Playa Bowls will be a perfect addition. They had a meeting with the planning commission a few days ago, so fingers crossed Playa Bowls will be headed to Newtown!

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