A Bucks County woman is desperate to find a necklace that she lost in Newtown last week. I feel so badly for her. This wasn't any 'ole necklace, it was a family heirloom. Her mother had left it to her 15 years ago when she passed away.

The woman's name is Trish Blake. She told her story to Fox 29, and it made me want to go grab one of those hand held metal detectors that you see people on the beach using to find treasures, and help her look for it.  My grandmother left me some jewelry when she died, and I know I'd be devastated if I lost any of it. It's not just jewelry, it's the memories attached to it. She's worn this celtic cross every single day for the last 15 years, and it means everything to her because it was one of the only things her mom left behind.

She thinks she lost it during a day out in Newtown last Wednesday. She was on South State Street. She had gone to the Salt Cave wellness center, and then had lunch at Cafe Con Leche. She thinks it fell off somewhere between those two places or on her way back to her car.

She and her husband went back to the area and looked for it for hours, even using a flashlight. She retraced her steps over and over, and nothing. She still hasn't found it. To make matters even worse for this poor woman, this was one of the first times she's left her home since her father died a month ago. Ugh.

If you're in Newtown, keep an eye out for it. I'm hoping for a miracle for Trish. If you have any info or happen to find this necklace, please call 215-982-5500.


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